Our Network

The Nature of the PCH “Network”

We refer to our company as a network because we consider all of our employees as fellow associates. Each of our skills is unique and individual and together they form the PCH network.

Most of our employees work locally from their homes, although they do work in-house from time to time to keep up-to-date with current technologies and our production process. This allows our employees the flexibility that they need to work and to better manage their lifestyles. This also helps us to keep our overhead minimized and our prices competitive with overseas vendors.

A Conscientious and Competitive Collective

We enjoy what we do and believe that we have streamlined the production process utilizing many people whom we have known and worked with for many years. With decades of experience in the pre-press and publishing industries, we are a serious, quality-minded, and conscientious group of people who take great pride in our work and communicate closely as a team to produce the best quality product possible.

We are always happy to accommodate any special needs that a publisher may have, and are always flexible to the demands and requirements of each individual title or project. We strive to keep costs competitive with other national and international companies.